' Paradise Los  t ' in process. Studio space in Oxfordshire, Jordi Raga-2016.

'Paradise Lost' in process. Studio space in Oxfordshire, Jordi Raga-2016.


Creating is a a means of self development, a process of internal and public dialog. What I am doing and the reasons behind transcend the pure enjoyment of carving stone and finding a particular form. There’s an ambition to understand and communicate my intellectual and physical reality through the experience of space.

Matter, proportion, texture, volume or scale are all valuable aspects of sculpture as the Object. But the Subject and the Context are of equal importance. I’m evolving towards the architectural, monumental and landscaping possibilities of sculpture, where the relation between form and environment, space and void, location and history, and the experience generated are part of the same unifying principle

I study in the process of reduction the relation between proportions, scale and material as a way to understand space and the order in which human perception alters according to its structure and disposition
— jordi raga